Saturday, October 11, 2008

Today's productions: 10.11.08

Chinese Chopstick Hairsticks:

Naked hairstick:

Striped Autumn Manzanita Hairstick:

Extra-Long Manzanita Hairstick:

I also carved a hair fork and painted it black. Now I think I'm going to go back out in the shop and practice my fork carving technique. I think it needs work. :)

How to use hairsticks

All right. Suppose you have long hair. Really long hair. Long enough to sit on it hair. How are you supposed to to use a stick to hold all your hair up!?

Tell you what, how about I show you? And by the way, if your hair is longer than about shoulder length, you can use hairsticks to hold it up too.

Ok, first, wind your hair into a bun.

Insert the stick from the side, pointed at your scalp so you grab some scalp hair.

Once you feel the stick scrape up some scalp hair, pull the stick towards your face so that it's more level with your bun.

Now push it back out the other side of your bun.

There you go! All my hair (and I have a lot of hair) is being held up with one six-inch-long chopstick. Sometimes I like to put matching sticks in my hair.

Follow the same process to put the second stick in. Grab some scalp hair:

Pull the stick towards your face:

Then push it down and through:

Done! This will hold all day.

Instructions for this particular bun can be found at The Long Hair Community.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Test post

This is where I'm going to blog about my creations :)