Friday, April 3, 2009

Front page!!

Two weeks ago I listed a wooden rolling pin at WildWoodWorks, and the item made it onto the front page of Etsy not once, but TWICE in two days! I was beyond thrilled. The rolling pin has since sold and is now in the hands of its new owner.

Well, this weekend I made another rolling pin and, as I had found some locally-made beeswax, decided to turn a honey dipper and finish it with beeswax. I listed the items yesterday and was please to find that the honey dipper had sold this morning.

Then, to my surprise, as I was perusing my shop statistics on's heartomatic, I found that the honey dipper had been on the front page of Etsy just this morning!

Here are all three archived treasury listings from

And now I need to go turn some more honey dippers! ButterflyHeavens and I are going to start featuring each others' items in our listings; she sells raw, local honey from her brother's bees in Michigan, and I plan on buying myself some once my current stash of honey is gone.

Now I need to write a blog post about what I broke last weekend ;)


DesignsByLashelle said...

I can't wait to start!


AutumnLeaves said...

I have been waiting for your next entry, darlin'. What great news!!! I am so excited for you and to have mutual effort sounds like a load of fun! How is your new puppy and what did you name her?????

AutumnLeaves said...

A Lemonade Award is given to bloggers that show a positive attitude, gratitude,and a willingness to share their ideas, support and online friendship. In other words, people who make lemonade when they get lemons!

(Copy of award pic in my blog if you want to post it in your blog!)

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Here is what I said about you, darlin':
7. - Another friend from my hair board, and another whose faith helps me stay grounded in my own. Sam (not her real name but I like it and it fits her LOLOL) has found her creative niche with turning wood and has come up with some things I've not seen before, truly. And to find out she is beginning a new venture into the honey game? Ooh la lah! I love honey! I may have to buy soon! Honey is just one of those things I can sit down with a spoon and devour. In fact, I've done it. Miss Pikes Market and some of the suburban fruit farms where you could be cups of honey with the comb still intact and just eat it all. Mmmm mmmm mmmm...

DesignsByLashelle said...

yeah, how much fun this is, so many views from being in the gift guide, high shipping costs are a real problem, but it's still fun having it in there!

i love your beautiful wood creations, they are just beautiful!